Toggle clamps for precision industries.

Mechanical fabrications, automation, welding


Making use of the toggle principle, the quick action clamps have great advantages in terms of time saving and practicality of use.


The study of design, quick clamping equipment; fitted with modern, advanced CAD/CAM systems use for 3D design and production.


Product innovation is one of the distinctive features and our strong points; the range of clamping products is in continuous innovation.


The DNV certified quality system, in compliance with ISO 9001, was obtained in 1994 and is a guarantee of excellence for the toggle clamps.

The quick clamping systems provide a vibration resistant closing mechanism, suitable for quick and repeated clamping and release of the panels with minimum effort. Moreover, they solve any safety problems commonly associated with other clamping devices.

The temporary clamping systems are used to provide safe, but limited through time, anchorage. Making use of the toggle action, the toggle clamps have advantages with respect to other systems.

Thanks to the wide range of solutions and uses, the permanent clamping systems offer complete resistance to environmental stress.

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