Pneumatic clamping lever

Available in light and heavy series.

Clamping with pneumatic command lever.

This series combines the advantages of toggle action (the clamp remains closed even if the pressure drops) with the possibilities offered by pneumatic tools. Different versions are available with magnetic cylinders that allow a positioning control without contacts, to obtain electric command impulses in particular clamping situations. The pneumatic series comprises vertical and straight-line action versions with clamping forces Fs from 50 to 240 daN and hold Fh from 70 to 450 daN for the light series and Fs from 340 daN to 430 daN with Fh from 1000 to 2000 daN for the heavy series. The use of a filter - reducer – lubricator unit is indispensable for long and good working order of the cylinder, while for long duration of mechanical parts, it is recommended to have appropriate flow adjusters and calibrate the execution speed of the desired movements, starting from a low speed and increasing gradually. On the cylinders of the heavy series (1000-2000/EPM/EPVM), these flow adjusters are already inserted into the heads and can be adjusted via a screw positioned at the side of the air supply. Working pressure 2-6 bar. Environment temperature -30° +80°C. The forces Fs indicated in the catalogue were detected at a pressure of 4 Bar.

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Pneumatic clamping levers