We are a “learning organization”, with the desire to do our job well; constantly improving our products.

Innovation as Tradition

On the market for more than 60 years, Speedy Block is a reference point for all sectors that require quick, temporary or permanent fixing of components.

The company was established in 1948 by Ginepro Grisendi with the initial purpose of performing processes on behalf of third parties such as de-burring, welding and assembly. In 1970, the Speedy Block project was developed, the second generation of the family entered the business to deal with operations, the design and sales sectors more closely; today they are joined by the third generation.

Throughout his whole life he had never wanted too much, and yet, at the end, there was nothing left to clamp.

Our skills regarding:


Every production phase takes place with the aid of advanced instruments, with methods, processes and rigorous controls guaranteed by long experience.


This highly-equipped mechanical workshop has machines and equipment that can meet the requirements of all customers.


Thanks to the wide range of clamping products we always meet the most complex and specialised customer requirements.


Quick delivery, approx. 12 or maximum 48 hours, is guaranteed by the availability of 99% of products in the warehouse.